Quarantined life for a MUA

As a Makeup Artist self isolation has had a huge impact on my life. I physically am unable to work so aside from the loss of income I have had to drastically readjust which has meant consciously creating a new routine for myself so that I don’t begin to feel a loss of purpose. Here are a few of the things that I have implemented to keep me focused: 

Adding structure to the day 

In the first week of quarantined I got into a really bad habit of going to bed super late and lying in in the morning. I didn’t make an effort to get ready for the day ahead and was lounging around in my pyjamas. As amazing as this sounds I found that I was becoming more and more unmotivated to do anything. So I consciously decide to add a simple structure into my day which within a few days really helped me start to adjust a lot quicker. I set a daily alarm, make sure I eat at the same time every day and go to sleep at the same sort of time everyday. 

As simple as this may seem it really does help. 

Being productive 

I am a very active person so for me this means adding exercise to the above routine. I found daily IG fitness classes that have been running and now factor them into this new cultivated daily routine and also make sure I go for a 30-60min walk or jog. This has the benefit of filling out the day as well as making me more tired so that in the evening I no longer struggle to go to sleep. 

Focus on work 

Because I can’t actually do someone’s makeup doesn’t mean that I can’t improve my social media presence. I spend time on my Instagram account cleaning up my feed and have also started a YouTube channel which takes time and concentration. The result of which has meant that I have been contacted by a beauty marketing company to see if I’d like to partner with them during isolation and have been asked if I’d like to be part of another beauty company’s online makeup tutorial team which has the potential to actually earn me a little bit of money if I get booked. Volunteering to write blogs such as these has also helped me to keep my focus and passion so that post quarantine I will be ready to be the best MUA I can be.

Revisit interests 

I am using the time I have to revisit interests that a busy lifestyle has led me to give up. I have started reading for pleasure again and I sparked a new interest in nutrition and the impact food has on the body. I am cooking everything I eat and finding this journey quite enjoyable as I have lost 2 kilos and can see the results this new interest is having on my body.  

I hope that you are also finding ways to adjust to this new temporary lifestyle change and if you are struggling that my story helps you to settle. 

 Keep healthy, safe and positive!!! 

Summer Faves

I have been busy enjoying the glorious summer so I thought I’d give you a brief round up of my 2019 summer favourite products.

First let’s start with skin. I am a firm believer in that the best preventative measure for skin ageing is sun care. I use factor 50 protection 365 days a year and right now I am absolutely adoring Natura Bisse Diamond White Oil Free Brilliant Sun Protection SPF 50. PA+++ rated protection from the sun (the highest degree of protection from the sun’s rays that are recognised by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association which means that it is meant to protect all day without the need of retouching), it does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin, gives skin a natural glow and has a tinted pigmentation works on all skin tones. I use it as my daily moisturiser. It is quite pricey at a whopping £92 for 30ml but a little goes a long way and it lasts me around 6 months.

Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish Latte is one of my next go to products. This instant body makeup gives skin a flawless finish and reduces the appearance of imperfections like cellulite and spider veins. Available in 4 different shades, it dries quickly and at £29.95 for 100ml it’s worth the money as a little product goes a long way.

Illamasqua Beyond powder in Epic. This baked highlighting powder adds a subtle warm hue to my complexion giving me a super natural and radiant glow. It provides long lasting finish. At £34 for 7g it you get a lot of product.

SportFX Sport Stamina Mascara has blown me away. It has 24 hour stay power, is smudge proof and waterproof. 2 coats gives my lashes a false effect that I have not been able to achieve so quickly and easily in a while. At £7.99 it tends to last me around a month and is often on offer at Sports Direct.

Tom Ford Soleil Contour Compact is a bronze, blush and highlight palette. I do fan girl the brands summer releases and despite the £80 price tag I love love love. The palette provides a subtle finish which enhances tanned skin beautifully. The powder is buttery soft, applies well and gives skin a beautiful radiance,

Everything Fenty….

I’ve never actually understood all the hype over Fenty Beauty. I just thought it was another celebrity brand but when I heard that they were releasing a concealer my ears pricked up as I am a fiend for concealers and am always looking products with more advanced formulas. Once I started my research and looked into the brand I decided to purchase a full face. Check out my product review:

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation: Shade 300

RRP £26

A little of this product goes a loooooong way, it sets pretty quick and once it has it is locked in. IT DOES NOT MOVE 🙌. It gives a great coverage (medium to full), feels super light on the skin and photographs ridiculously well. I am most definitely a fan. It’s award winning oil free formula is made with climate adaptive technology that resists sweat and humidity and feels like a second skin. It’s available in 50 shades and I will definitely be adding it to my kit.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer: Shade 300

RRP £19

This is a buildable full coverage concealer with outstanding coverage and is serious competition for Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Contour Concealer (one of my all time favourites). It’s slower to set which makes blending the product easy but definitely needs setting. Under the eyes it covers hyperpigmentation extremely well, brightens and to top it all off it’s available in 50 shades.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder: Banana

RRP £24

Milled so fine this setting powder locks product onto the skin like nothing else I ever used. It has the punch of Ben Nye’s Banana Powder without the heaviness. I also noticed that I had less shine on my t-zone. I fan girl La Mer’s The Powder but at this this price point I might switch things up for a bit. It’s available in 8 shades and has no flash back.

Diamond Bomb

RRP £30

Why I have not had this product in my life until now is something I cannot comprehend. The sparkle completes any look and is insane. Great anywhere on the face or body I can actually say I am in love with this product. The texture is beautiful and butter soft so it applies flawlessly onto the skin.

Killawatt Free Style Highlighter: Lightening Dust/Fire Crystal

RRP £28

So this is the product that I am least enamoured with. After watching several videos and posts on the glow this highlighter gives I found that it didn’t really float my boat. It’s easy enough to use with great texture but it doesn’t give me enough. It lasts all day so the stay power is good but I love Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in Champagne Pop and the subtly effective glow it gives so to be honest will be sticking with that for now until I am ready to try more shades.

Stunna Lip Paint

RRP £19

I purchased 3 shades:

• Unbotton

• Uncuffed

• Uncensored

Love love love!!! The product has serious stay power without the dryness that some of my other favourite liquid lipsticks. The shades are stunning. The ombré effect that can be created with Unbutton and Uncuffed is stunning and Uncensored is one one the most beautiful shades of red I’ve purchased in a very long time. My usual go to for a red is Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo but despite loving the colour I find it quite dry on the lips. Uncensored will definitely be replacing Ruby Woo for me in my makeup collection. The packaging is lovely and the applicator applies the product easily onto the lip allowing little scope for error.

As far as I’m concerned Fenty Beaty rocks.

Looks I have created with the above products:

Let’s Talk Concealers

For most women concealers are the difference between looking and feeling more beautiful and is the product that magics away “panda” eyes. I suffer from hyperpigmentation and scarring so a good concealer is vital to my beauty routine.

These are my top four:

Charlotte Tilbury: Magic Away Liquid Concealer

At a price point of £24 and with 16 colours this concealer, hailed as full coverage, does offer great brightening properties and conceals well. The Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract can contribute to the illusion of a lifted upper eyelid, as well as reducing the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles and fading dark circles, Palmitoyal Glycine helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and extract of Wild Indigo is a native Indian plant used in ayurvedic tradition that helps to enhance the skin’s luminosity. The sponge applicator is designed to roll over imperfections, and hug the under-eye contour for the most flawless application. This concealer is ideal if you want a full coverage liquid concealer to cover dark circles, blemishes and imperfections. It wears well, however is not sweat proof and works better with correction on a medium toned skin.

Too Faced: Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

Their newest concealer in 20 shades at £24 is an absolute bargain. It conceals, can be used as a contour, highlight, and used to retouch over powder. It truly is full coverage, is oil-free, lasts 12 hours and there is no flashback. I do set it with powder to increase longevity of wear but it doesn’t actually need setting and I do not need to colour correct when I use this concealer.

Tarte: Shapetape Contour Concealer

This full coverage, super-blendable formula instantly helps brighten, smooth & gives me skin a firmer, more lifted look without the need for colour correction. It has a matte finish, conceals my hyperpigmentation flawlessly with the added bonus of being flexible and bendable enough to be used a contour and highlighting product. Once set the product does not flake, move or crease allowing me to wear it from day to evening. Available in 30 shades and at a price point of £22 there’s no wonder it’s the number one selling concealer in the USA. PS. It’s vegan too.

Urban Decay: All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer

At a cost of £20 and available in 14 shades

it provides flawless matte coverage that lasts all day and all night. The ultra-pigmented, blendable formula controls shine and masks imperfections for 24 hours. I use it to cover scars as I find it a little heavy for under the eyes but it really does do what it says on the tin. Hydrating the skin before use is key to the flawless application of this product, less is more and no colour correction is required and it too is vegan.

Recently announced by Fenty Beauty is the launch of 50 shades of their Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer on 11January which I look forward to reviewing. I have super high expectations for this product.

Product Heros 2018

This year, as many before, I have bought, tried and tested an array of products. My top 10 of 2018 in no particular order are:

1. La Mer: The Powderimg_6893

At the pricey end of the market, £75, this powder has revolutionised my makeup routine. The light-diffusing loose powder magnetically attracts to skin for a perfect fit and flawless finish. With the claim that it is composed of the lightest materials on earth that creates an imperceptible finish it sets my makeup impeccably and lasts from day to evening (often the early hours of the morning).

2. Tarte: tarteist ™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint – Pillowtalk

This longwear transferproof liquid lipstick in a quick dry matte finish is literally bulletproof. I use it everyday as a lip colour base and it adds longevity to any lip product I layer on top. The white nude colour is perfect for this and also looks beautiful blended into a lipliner, however on its own worn this way can feel a little dry so my preference is to use it as a lip base.

3. Tarte: Shapetape Contour Concealer

This full coverage, super-blendable formula instantly helps brighten, smooth & give my skin a firmer, more lifted look without the need for colour correction. It has a matte finish, conceals my hyperpigmentation flawlessly with the added bonus of being flexible and bendable enough to be used a contour and highlighting product. Once set the product does not flake, move or crease allowing me to wear it from day to evening. PS. It’s vegan too.

4. Charlotte Tilbury: Eyes to Mesmerise – Jean

This cream eyeshadow in champagne pink is a beautiful worn on its own but I love to use it as an eyeshadow base as it makes the colour pop. It’s creamy texture glides flawlessly across the lid, doesn’t clump or settle into creases, is easy to blend and is long wearing.

5. Tom Ford: Soleil Contouring Compact – Afterglow

At the pricier end of the market at £80 the bronzer in this compact is my go to for contour. It is a muted, medium-dark brown with warm, reddish undertones and a matte finish with a buildable pigmentation that is blendable on the skin and lasts all day on my skin. The blush has a dense pigment and if I wore blush I would love it. The highlighter is a little too pink for me but on “no makeup” day the sheerness of it enhances the skin beautifully.

6. Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

When I first purchased this foundation I wasn’t that enamoured by it as I found the texture way too thick and heavy. It is a full coverage foundation but felt heavier than any others I have used. After I decided to give it another go a few months later I adored it. I often thin the texture by adding primer to it but still blends seamlessly with my skin and dries to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey. It lasts all day, looks phenomenal in pictures as well as face to face and I love it.

7. BECCA: Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter – Champagne Pop

This soft gold peachy creamy highlighting powder enhances my skin, blends beautifully, does not cake and catches the light in just the right way that I have that subtle but very effective glow. The shimmer is gorgeous and I use it on my eyes, cheekbones, nose and cupids-bow.

8. Anastasia Beverleyhills DIPBROW Pomade

This waterproof formula blends into the brow seamlessly before drying to a matte finish. It is long wearing and smudge proof. I wear it at the gym through the toughest workouts and it does not move. That is my ultimate test and this product passes every time.

9. Urban Decay: All Nighter

This setting spray gives my makeup that extra staying power it needs. I have used quite a few but always comeback to this one. It claims to last 16 hours but lasts all day on my skin from work through to play.

10. Lord&Berry: Ultimate Lip Liner: Bark

I love all the shades that they have created and have them in my kit but my all time favourite is Bark which is a lovely soft brown with taupe that creates a beautiful liner for a nude lip look. The pigment of the Ultimate Liners are amazing and the stay power like nothing I’ve seen before.

So there you have it my top 10 for 2018. There are many more products that I love but these are the ones I use everyday without fail.

Urban Decay Master Class…………… Naked Cherry



This week I had the opportunity to attend a master class at the Urban Decay boutique, Carnaby Street, ahead of their launch of the Naked Cherry Palette and limited edition additions to the Cherry collection through the London Makeup School.

The collection is beautiful!!! The tone of the Cherry Naked Palette is cooler than their other more recently launched palettes and the pigment is intense and buttery in texture. The brush supplied with the palette is gorgeous as usual, however this time the double ended brush has an eye shadow blender at one end and a smudger at the other end.Cherry collection

Another standout product from the range is the blusher palette. It contains a holographic highlighter with a beautiful pink undertone. This product is absolutely stunning on the skin. It is limited edition so I wold definitely recommend popping in store to have a look.

The range officially launches on 15 October.



Master Class: Charlotte Tilbury

Last week I attended a Master Class at the flagship Charlotte Tilbury boutique in Covent Garden where we were shown one of the looks that they created at the Alice Temperly SS19 Show in London.  The beautiful look was created using two recently launched products – the Magic Away Liquid Concealer and the Stars in You Eyes Palette. img_2971

The concealer is beautiful. My favourite all time concealer is Tarte Shape Tape but Charlotte’s new release is a very strong contender. It contains Persian silk tree bark, palmitoyal glycine and extract of wild indigo all of which help to reduce crow’s s feet wrinkles, fades dark circles and enhances the skins luminosity.

The new limited edition eye shadow palette is beautifully pigmented, with a butter soft texture that melts into the skin and the colour range is gorgeous. They are also long lasting and the packaging, as with all her products, is absolutely stunning.


London Fashion Week

So I had the absolute pleasure being part of the LMS Pro Team for the London Makeup School working on the Fashion Scout shows in collaboration with Kryolan Professional Makeup and  incredibly talented Lan Nguyen-Grealis.

It was my first time working on London Fashion Week and it was exhilarating, inspiring, trying but also a huge learning curve for my artistry.



  • Key makeup by: Jo Sugar using Kryolan Professional Makeup
  • Hair by: Tony&Guy using Label M UK

Swedish School of Textiles:

  • Key makeup by: Beth Margetts using Kryolan Professional Makeup
  • Hair by: Tony&Guy using Label M UK


  • Key makeup by: Beth Margetts using Kryolan Professional Makeup
  • Hair by: Tony&Guy using Label M UK

What you eat can keep you on fleek

Food, you and your body….

As someone whose love of food has taken me to the point of starting my own business and share my passion to get more people in the kitchen, KPHLO has asked me to write a little something on my knowledge about the types of foods you should be eating to keep you looking and most importantly keep you feeling on fleek hunaiii.

I feel like I should start by saying, that just because this article is about the things you can eat and drink to stay healthy, full and looking FINE! by no means think that, that also means bland or tasteless food – absolutely not! that’s not how I work in my kitchen don’t believe me…well take a look at these…


Now, unlike you lovely lot, I like to look good but don’t have the drive to hit the gym so try the best way I can, to have clean, healthy and flavourful meals that mean maybe I can stave off my need to hit the gym to lose those lbs a little longer. So, let’s start with the stuff we all know.


The good fat kind, that’s right the old Omega 3. You get this from fish like Salmon and mackerel, they are great for your skin in terms of reducing redness and acne, they are also thought to help against conditions like lupus and dermatitis. Fatty fish is also a great source of vitamin E, getting enough of this helps to protect your skin against inflammation. If you’re not a huge fish fan but are open to the idea of trying here is a good recipe for fish novices

Orange-Rosemary Salmon

  • 2 salmon fillets
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary roughly chopped
  • 2 large oranges

Preheat grill to medium-high.

  1. Sprinkle salmon with salt and garlic powder. Rub each fillet with half of the rosemary and leave on for cooking. Cut 1 orange in half and squeeze each half over one of the salmon fillets.
  2. Place salmon under the grill and grill until it is opaque (not ‘see’ through) and flaky. About 12 minutes (depending on how thick the fillets are).
  3.  While the salmon is cooking. Slice the second orange into slices and lightly grill on both sides (if you have a small griddle do it on there for that lovely charred look). It creates a whole other level of flavour for the salmon.
  4. Serve salmon over rice (I use brown), with grilled orange slices over the top and any leftover fresh chopped rosemary you have left. REMEMBER you eat with your eyes, so make it look pretty.

Dark Chocolate

Wait, what…yep I said it, DARK CHOCOLATE! Cocoa powder at least 70% is said to be high in antioxidants, a study found 6–12 weeks of participants consuming Cocoa experienced thicker, more hydrated skin, improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and it may protect the skin against sunburn, hydration, blood flow and improved skin texture. Everything in moderation but this really does mean a little of what you fancy does you good! Here’s a great way to get a fix of dark chocolate.

Muffin tin Brownies

  • 340g of dark chocolate chips (70% cocoa)
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar packed
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup plain flour
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to gas mark 5 (190 fan). Grease and flour a 12-cup muffin tin. Set aside. (I use the Frylight Butter spray)
  2. Melt the chocolate and butter in a heavy based saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until melted and well-combined.
  3. Remove from heat, and set aside.
  4. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the eggs, sugars, vanilla, and salt on high speed 5 minutes, or until the batter is thick and creamy.
  5. Reduce the speed to low, and mix in the melted chocolate until well-combined.
  6. Stir in flour and cocoa powder just until combined.
  7. Add nuts, if using, and chocolate chips. Stir in to combine. The batter should be the consistency of a thick brownie batter at this point.
  8. Divide batter among muffin cups. They should be about 3/4 full.
  9. Bake 15-25 minutes. The brownies will be puffed and the top should be shiny and cracked. Bake toward the lower end of the baking time if you want fudgier middles and longer if you want a cakier brownie.
  10. Let cool in muffin tin for 10 minutes, and then remove to a wire rack to finish cooling.

Red Wine

We’ve all heard this but it’s one I like to reiterate, red wine contains resveratrol, a compound that comes from the skin of red grapes. Resveratrol is credited with; slowing the skins aging – this isn’t license to go overboard BUT just a heads up that you might want to give red wine a second look – but like dark chocolate keep it in moderation.


I love turmeric I love the colour and the flavour, if you like a curry you’re also a big fan too but did you know that by consuming this lovely spice your also, it’s believed, improving your memory. How!?! I hear you ask, well it’s said that it’s an antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory compounds that benefits the brain by improving memory, eases depression and helps new brain cells to grow.


We all know that spinach is a great source of iron but did you know it also promotes hair growth as it contains vitamins A and C.

A great way to include spinach in your date is to use it in salads as an additional leaf or I like to use them as a base to an egg salad in my pack lunch…

Remember what you eat is just as important as how you look and what you put in definitely affects your exterior, so enjoy what you put in because it helps to compliment what’s on the outside.

This is a guest blog post written by Lynette Lucas founder of Lyns Kitchen. She’s a s self-taught who loves food! She’s a great teacher and her passion for cooking and teaching others is infectious. If you want to book yourself a session email lynskitch@gmail.com definitely visit her website to see all the services she offers http://www.lynskitchen.co.uk

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