Quarantined life for a MUA

As a Makeup Artist self isolation has had a huge impact on my life. I physically am unable to work so aside from the loss of income I have had to drastically readjust which has meant consciously creating a new routine for myself so that I don’t begin to feel a loss of purpose.

Summer Faves

I have been busy enjoying the glorious summer so I thought I’d give you a brief round up of my 2019 summer favourite products. First let’s start with skin. I am a firm believer in that the best preventative measure for skin ageing is sun care. I use factor 50 protection 365 days a yearContinue reading “Summer Faves”

Product Heros 2018

This year, as many before, I have bought, tried and tested an array of products. My top 10 of 2018 in no particular order are: 1. La Mer: The Powder At the pricey end of the market, £75, this powder has revolutionised my makeup routine. The light-diffusing loose powder magnetically attracts to skin for aContinue reading “Product Heros 2018”

Urban Decay Master Class…………… Naked Cherry

  This week I had the opportunity to attend a master class at the Urban Decay boutique, Carnaby Street, ahead of their launch of the Naked Cherry Palette and limited edition additions to the Cherry collection through the London Makeup School. The collection is beautiful!!! The tone of the Cherry Naked Palette is cooler thanContinue reading “Urban Decay Master Class…………… Naked Cherry”

What you eat can keep you on fleek

Food, you and your body…. As someone whose love of food has taken me to the point of starting my own business and share my passion to get more people in the kitchen, KPHLO has asked me to write a little something on my knowledge about the types of foods you should be eating toContinue reading “What you eat can keep you on fleek”

What is beauty?

According to the Oxford Dictionary beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. This sparked an interest in me. We all know that beauty is subjective; after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but what is it influenced by? ItContinue reading “What is beauty?”

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