Quarantined life for a MUA

As a Makeup Artist self isolation has had a huge impact on my life. I physically am unable to work so aside from the loss of income I have had to drastically readjust which has meant consciously creating a new routine for myself so that I don’t begin to feel a loss of purpose. Here are a few of the things that I have implemented to keep me focused: 

Adding structure to the day 

In the first week of quarantined I got into a really bad habit of going to bed super late and lying in in the morning. I didn’t make an effort to get ready for the day ahead and was lounging around in my pyjamas. As amazing as this sounds I found that I was becoming more and more unmotivated to do anything. So I consciously decide to add a simple structure into my day which within a few days really helped me start to adjust a lot quicker. I set a daily alarm, make sure I eat at the same time every day and go to sleep at the same sort of time everyday. 

As simple as this may seem it really does help. 

Being productive 

I am a very active person so for me this means adding exercise to the above routine. I found daily IG fitness classes that have been running and now factor them into this new cultivated daily routine and also make sure I go for a 30-60min walk or jog. This has the benefit of filling out the day as well as making me more tired so that in the evening I no longer struggle to go to sleep. 

Focus on work 

Because I can’t actually do someone’s makeup doesn’t mean that I can’t improve my social media presence. I spend time on my Instagram account cleaning up my feed and have also started a YouTube channel which takes time and concentration. The result of which has meant that I have been contacted by a beauty marketing company to see if I’d like to partner with them during isolation and have been asked if I’d like to be part of another beauty company’s online makeup tutorial team which has the potential to actually earn me a little bit of money if I get booked. Volunteering to write blogs such as these has also helped me to keep my focus and passion so that post quarantine I will be ready to be the best MUA I can be.

Revisit interests 

I am using the time I have to revisit interests that a busy lifestyle has led me to give up. I have started reading for pleasure again and I sparked a new interest in nutrition and the impact food has on the body. I am cooking everything I eat and finding this journey quite enjoyable as I have lost 2 kilos and can see the results this new interest is having on my body.  

I hope that you are also finding ways to adjust to this new temporary lifestyle change and if you are struggling that my story helps you to settle. 

 Keep healthy, safe and positive!!! 

Published by KPHLO

Make-up and tanning specialist

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